Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Results are In!

I just wanted to thank all who participated in the contest. Every entry was a fantastic read, and I cannot tell you all how impressed I was, especially given the fact that most of the writers had not written romance before and in many cases had not written steampunk.  Many of the writers stepped out of their comfort zone to participate, something I admire greatly.

A huge thanks also goes out to those that took the time to read the entries and vote. We had a total of 37 votes!! That's just amazing.

The winner of the contest with 12 votes was Entry 6, Keep Going by Samuel Briggson. Congratulations! I will be in touch so that I can send you your prize.

The votes were as follow...

Entry 1- Love, Lace, and Gears by Cheryl L-G Trent- 3 Votes
Entry 2- The End by James Pollard- 1 Vote
Entry 3- Untitled by Jenny Martin- 1 Vote
Entry 4- Evangeline by Robert K. Lewis- 4 Votes
Entry 5- Breaking Barriers by K. L. Townsend- 1 Vote
Entry 6- Keep Going by Samuel Briggson- 12 Votes
Entry 7- Mutual Admiration by Don Pizarro- 3 Votes
Entry 8- (Withdrawn after contest)- 8 Votes
Entry 9- The Envoy by Bibliovore- 3 Votes
Entry 10- Untitled by Renée Belliveau- 1 Vote

I did want to apologize for the slight glitch, and hope the next contest will run problem free. Also, for the contestants, if I don't have your name as you would like it displayed, just let me know.

Again thank you to all who participated. We'll have to run another one soon.