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In steampunk Victorian London, where airships dot the sky and tinkerings abound, Lady Phoebe Hughes develops an herbal elixir, Viridis, unlike any other. London’s elite flock to her club to experience the euphoria and heightened senses the drink brings, an orgasm brought on by a single kiss. But when Lord Hawthorne is murdered after leaving her club, Phoebe is shocked to find that not only was he working for the Special Services to infiltrate the Cause, a movement fighting for the city's poor, he was also in possession of her secret formulation for Viridis.

Adding to her difficulties is the unexpected return of Mr. Seth Elliott, a brilliant tinkerer who stole her heart and imagination, only to abandon her when she needed him most. Unable to ignore all that is between them, Phoebe finds herself falling for Seth once again, only to have a powerful rival for her affections wrongly accuse Seth of attempted murder. As Phoebe struggles with a way to free her love, revolution, conspiracy and murder threaten to ruin it all.

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 Devil on a Sparrow's Wing
In the sequel to Viridis, we're taken on a tumultuous ride as we follow Phoebe, Seth and their dear friend Gavin up to Edinburgh.

With London on the verge of revolution, Phoebe barters with Scotland's Am Freiceadan, also known as the Watch, offering her newest herbal, Sanctis, in exchange for weapons and men to help the Cause.  But all goes terribly wrong when Seth is caught in an explosion, and believed to be dead.

Distraught with grief, Phoebe barely survives his death, but pregnant with Seth's child, Gavin helps her through her darkest days, their friendship turning to love.

However, Seth is not dead. Kidnapped by the Secret Service, Seth is forced to work on a tinkering capable of destroying half of London.  Or all of Edinburgh.

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When the bodies of murdered prostitutes start piling up in Whitechapel, Lilly knows it’s a fellow reaper gone rogue—a man the living call Jack the Ripper.

Lilly Gordon delivers death to unsuspecting souls, Fate’s decisions carried out with a simple touch. But when a woman is found brutally slain before her destined time to die, Jack, Lilly’s ex-lover and a fellow reaper, is fingered for the crime, the evidence undeniable.

As the only one who’s been close to Jack, Lilly finds herself dragged into the investigation by Lord Mason Archer, chancellor to the reapers. But Lilly and Mason have a past of their own, and the long hours spent in Mason’s company leave Lilly falling for the difficult man who not only infuriates her, but makes her heart race. With the latest victim mutilated beyond recognition, it seems the killings cannot get any more heinous—but there’s more than one force at work, and Lilly soon realizes there are things far worse than death and dismemberment when dealing with Jack the Ripper.

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