Monday, December 13, 2010

Going With Your Gut

When writing, I'll often hear a tiny voice whispering to me.  It may tell me that there's something not quite right with a scene or character, or perhaps it would be best if I changed a certain aspect of what's happening.  It's just a little niggling feeling, that is actually quite easy to ignore, but the problem is it never goes away.  And the even bigger problem?  That voice is usually right.

After having the wonderful opportunity of editing my manuscript with my agent, I realized that those little whispers were there for a reason, since too often, the changes made to the manuscript coincided with one another.   All I had done was delay the inevitable changes-- changes that would have been easier to take care of early on, and most importantly strengthened my manuscript.

So now I know.  I listen to my gut.  And if my gut's telling me a scene should be cut or changed-- whatever it happens to be whispering in my ear-- I take care of the matter, then and there.  Might as well, right?  The issues sure aren't going to go away just because I ignore them.

So, how about you?  Or am I the only one hearing voices?