Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So sorry I've been MIA.  But I have a good excuse!  I swear!!  : )

Back in May I decided I'd switch gears a bit with my writing, and write a contemporary romance or two or three.  Not that I don't love my steampunk/victorian romances, but I needed a bit of a break.  You've been living in the past too long when your everyday speech starts sounding odd to friends and family.

With my decision made, I buckled down and set myself some deadlines.  I wanted to have the first of two novels completed and up, with the first one free, by the holiday season.  Normally, my steampunk novels are close to 100K words, and getting two books of that length written in six months time would be close to impossible for me--especially when still juggling my biotech classes, book cover business, and lets not forget my family--but the nice thing with contemporary romances is that they're typically only 55-60K words. A far more doable prospect.  And it's been really fun if a bit crazy.

Happy to say, I reached my goal, and finally feel like I can come up for air!  Book one, The Highlander's Hope, and book two, A Highland Home, are both up now at all venues-- Amazon, B&N (though book 1 is missing its cover-- an issue I'm frantically trying to resolve), iTunes, Kobo, etc.  Oh!!  And they're written under a new pen name-- Cali MacKay.  Given that these are contemporary romances that are sweet, light and fun reads, and  rather different to my Calista Taylor stories which tend to have a darker edge, I figured it might be best to keep the two separated.  Not that the pen name's a secret-- just a way of easily distinguishing my two writing styles.  Of course, I couldn't resist my Scottish heroes, so at least that's the same.

Oh!  And my steampunk craft book is also now available!!  Yeah... a busy few months.  ; )  Promise to try and keep things updated more frequently.  Thanks for putting up with me!!  And don't forget to pick up your copy of The Highlander's Hope-- it's FREE!!


Faith said...

I'd wondered where you dropped off to! Glad to hear you are doing well. Looking forward to reading some of your romance stuff!

Cali MacKay said...

Faith!! So happy to hear from you!! Hope you'll enjoy it-- and hope all's been well. : )